County reassessment underway   


FIELD APPRAISER – Guy “the Reassessment Guy” Garner takes a short break to talk with The Monitor while working on Little Flock Church Lane (Rt. 677) in the Little Patrick area of the county last week. Some residents become alarmed when they find him on their property.

    Amelia County property owners may see someone driving a vehicle with a sign reading “Amelia County Reassessment” on it doors. The driver may stop on the property and even take photos. 

   Amelia Commissioner of the Revenue Laura Walsh said the county is now undergoing its six-year reassessment conducted by Pearson's Appraisal Service, Inc. and the field work is estimated to take a bit over a year. The reassessment's field work began in September, 2016 and is scheduled to be completed by this October. Notices to property owners are expected to be sent out in November. 

     The notices will show the previous and new assessments. The tax bills for the Tax Year 2018, which will likely be sent out in September or October of 2018, will include the new real estate values, Mrs. Walsh said.

    If the property owner has a problem with the new assessment there will be a period during which the property owner may meet with the Board of Equalization, she noted.

   Mrs. Walsh said there is only one person working in the field on the reassessment at this time. However, later there may be more.

    Guy Garner, known to Mrs. Walsh and others as “the Reassessment Guy,” attempts to assess 60 to 80 houses per day but sometimes finding an address in a rural area is difficult, even with the Global Imagining System (GIS) used by the county.

    The assessor uses current property records to verify buildings and outbuildings. He takes updated photos.

     In addition to the sign on his car, the sheriff's office will have the license number of the assessor's vehicle. The assessor will also have Mrs. Walsh's business card to verify his legitimacy.

    Mr. Garner said he has already had one woman approach him, pistol in hand. Other residents have reported him to the sheriff's office. A deputy told him the sheriff's office had received numerous calls about the “suspicious person.”

    He has been working for Pearson's about a year and a half, Mr. Garner said.

   The certified field appraiser said his job is, “confirming values on outbuildings and buildings on property.” This includes the appraisal of vacant land as well, he said.

   Amelia Commonwealth's Attorney Lee Harrison said state law gives the appraiser authority to go onto private property, even posted property, in the performance of his duties.

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