“Not require new wardrobe”

School board adopts dress code for staff   



    Citing the goal of making all teachers' and staffers' appearances more professional, and reflect cleanliness and neatness, the Amelia County School Board adopted a dress code for its employees during its Thursday (Jan. 12) meeting. In part, the new dress code, which becomes effective Feb. 1, prohibits t-shirts, shorts, sweatpants and other athletic attire, mini-skirts and tight-fitting clothing. Rubber or plastic beach shoes and flip-flops are also banned for teacher and staff wear.


    Schools Superintendent Jack McKinley said the board need not adopt the employee dress code that night and could take time to study it. “We should hold the same high standards for ourselves as we do for students,” Dr. McKinley said.


   However school board Vice Chair Glen Wilkerson said, “I love it,” and moved the dress code be adopted. The motion passed unanimously.


   The board then discussed when the new dress code would be made effective. It was decided upon Feb. 1 to allow the information to be disseminated.


   Dr. McKinley said the dress code was designed so that on one would have to go out and buy a new wardrobe, but jokingly added, “Unless they want to.”


    The dress code allows physical education teachers to wear shorts while teaching that subject, but they would have to change if they are teaching another subject, such as driver's education. There are also provisions for art teachers working with messy materials or lab and shop teachers working with dangerous equipment. Food service, nurses, maintenance, transportation and custodial personnel will be provided with dress guidelines by their supervisors.


    Jeans or school spirit clothing may be worn on Fridays if approved by the principal. Such apparel may be allowed by principals for “specialty events” such as fund-raisers.



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